Chelmsford Valley District Composite School has innovative programming that will prepare students for University, College and Workplace destinations. We know that employers are looking for skilled workers with a strong work ethic and the ability to learn and adapt to changes in the work environment. At C.V.D.C.S. we strive to prepare students for challenging career opportunities.

As a true community school, C.V.D.C.S. offers courses at a variety of levels to meet the needs of all students in our area.

At the grade 9 and 10 level courses are offered in the Academic, Applied and Locally Developed or Essentials pathways.

Academic courses emphasize theory and abstract problems. Academic courses are designed to provide enrichment in content and skill development. The pace of learning is accelerated and homework requirements are more demanding.

Applied courses focus on practical applications and concrete examples.
Locally Developed or Essential level courses are for students who in grades 6, 7 and 8 achieved Level 1 (50% – 59%) or below in core subjects and consistently required support to complete Ontario curriculum expectations and/or required individualized support.

Grade 11 and 12 courses focus on specific post-secondary destinations: University, University College, College, the workplace or independent community living.

Open courses, offered in all secondary school grades, are designed to prepare students for further study in certain subjects and to enrich their education generally. One set of expectations is appropriate for all students. Like the other types of courses, open courses are credit-based and are counted towards the 30 credits required to meet diploma requirements.