Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Social Sciences

At C.V.D.C.S., we offer a wide variety of junior and senior Social Science courses.

Whether you are interested in studying classical history, or are considering a post secondary career in Early Childhood Development, C.V.D.C.S. can help by offering interactive and hands-on classroom activities.

Foods and Nutrition

Students taking Food and Nutrition at C.V.D.C.S. this semester are the proud recipients of an Ecoleague grant, which allows them to pursue an education in the local food movement. In addition to researching the availability of food products in the Greater Sudbury Area, students have been planting and caring for a number of short term vegetables such as green onions, lettuce, peas and chard which they will be harvesting in June for a local food celebration dinner.

Students also spend one class per week in the kitchen, learning new cooking techniques and trying healthy new food items and recipes. Foods such as chicken fingers and fries from the local fast food shop can now be replaced with much healthier versions of baked home fries and roast chicken!

Raising Healthy Children

Being a parent is a really hard job. Students in the Grade 11 parenting class are learning just how much work it can be.

The Baby Think It Over simulation program consists of computerized newborn babies that are the actual size and weight of a real baby. Each baby cries when it requires care, with an escalating volume of distress if they are not attended to immediately.

Each student brings the baby home for 48 continuous hours, and must rock, feed, burp and/or diaper change their newborn.

Time and experience teach the students how to determine the baby’s needs. Students welcome the challenge and despite some disturbed sleep and class-time, find the experience a rewarding and enlightening one!