Health and Physical Education (HPE)

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

Health and Physical Education at C.V.D.C.S. centers around the development of personal fitness, competence, skills, attitudes and knowledge that will help students deal with the variety of personal, social and workplace demands in their lives.

The primary focus of HPE is helping students develop a commitment and a positive attitude to lifelong healthy active living and the capacity to live satisfying, productive lives.

Healthy active living benefits both individuals and society in many ways. For example, increasing productivity, improving morale, decreasing absenteeism, reducing health-care costs and heightening personal satisfaction. Other benefits include improved psychological well-being, physical capacity, self-esteem and the ability to cope with stress.

HPE courses at C.V.D.C.S. promote healthy active living through the development of physical, social and personal skills. This practical, balanced approach will help students to move successfully beyond secondary school.

Course Weightings

Generally, our Health and Physical Education courses may use the following standard category weightings for grading purposes throughout the semester:


Weighted at 20%, this includes classwork and assignments.

Thinking/inquiring/Problem Solving

Weighted at 10%, this includes tests, quizzes and assessments.


Weighted at 15%, this includes answering questions and presentations.


Weighted at 55%, this includes class participation, preperation and demonstration of ability.


As a student in the HPE program at C.V.D.C.S., there are a few expectations that must be followed in order to be successful in any HPE course offered:

  • always be prepared for class; always have appropriate clothing and footwear for gym classes
  • when in the classroom, always have a notebook and something to write with
  • actively participate in all activities
  • ask questions when needed
  • make sure your behaviour is appropriate for the gym or classroom situation

following these basic expectations will assist each student at C.V.D.C.S. in being successful in the HPE courses offered